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Providing quality Massage Therapy Services to the Durango Community for 20 years!

Specializing in Therapeutic Stone Massage & Deep Tissue Massage for:

  • Neck, Shoulder, & Back pain
  • Cycling/Performance massage
  • Sports & Work-related injuries
  • Migraines,Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel
  • Stress reduction & Management

Therapeutic stretching and on-site services available by appointment.

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About Jen Prosser, RMTJen Prosser, RMT

I believe in Massage Therapy as a powerful healing modality! I am a registered massage therapist with 22 years experience. I have over 750 additional hours of specialized training in Sports Massage, NMT, Advanced Rehab for the Shoulder, Knee, and Neck. I spent 5 years on the international Mountain Bike Circuit, and love helping athletes excel! In 2005 I received my LaStone Certification, and have incorporated this powerful healing modality into all my treatments. I look forward to working with you!

About Therapeutic Stone Massage

Therapeutic Stone Massage is different from what you will experience in a spa or salon setting. It feels luxurious, but is exceptionally therapeutic! I have extensive training and 6 years experience in therapeutic stone massage and use the stones in all my treatments. The stones are used throughout the entire massage, not just placed on the body, and your treatment will be customized for you, based on your needs. The stones speed the body's ability to relax, and soften tense muscles with ease, allowing me to work deeply into the muscles with less pain to you. Most people also experience a more profound and lasting sense of relaxation during and after a therapeutic stone massage. And unlike spa and salons, you will never be charged a premium to experience this powerful and luxurious healing modality!

* Want a 'Stone-Free' Massage? Just let me know!

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Cycling/Performance MassageJen Prosser

There is an art and a science to Performance Massage. Pro Cycling teams have full time Massage Therapists on their staffs for a reason! They know that daily Massage Therapy helps their riders recover from hard efforts quickly so they can race day after day. Skilled massage therapy can prevent and manage injuries throughout your competitive season. The right massage at the right time can help you train harder, recover faster, and perform to the best of your abilities.Jen Prosser I spent 5 years on the Professional Mountain Bike Circuit, and can bring my experience working with elite professional athletes to support you in your competition goals. Whether you are a cyclist, a runner, climber, kayaker, or hiker, you can benefit from skilled performance massage!

Ask about my performance massage packages!

Contact/Location/PricesJen Prosser

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1075 Main Ave.
Suite 226
Historic Durango Office Suites Building
Durango, CO. 81301

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Jen ProsserHours:
Monday: 9 am - 2 pm
Tuesday-Friday: 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday: Hours Variable - Call for Times

All sessions include Therapeutic Stones at no additional charge! (Stone-Free By Request)
30 Minute Session - $50
60 Minute Session - $75
90 Minute Session - $95

Receive an extra 15 minutes added to your session! Mention 'Mobile Bonus' when you text or call to schedule.


Carmen S. - "I am a professional road cyclist and use massage as part of my preparation to become the most competitive cyclist I can. I am so happy that I met Jen. She is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She is knowledgeable and creates an atmosphere that I can relax and gain all the benefits from massage. What can I say...I couldn't perform the way I do with her! She's the BEST!"

Anne C. - "Jen Prosser not only gives the best massage in town (I love the hot stones too), she offers support and knowledge that feeds my need for good health. She is attentive to my specific needs, always taking the time to first ask me how I am and how my body is doing. After the massage she follows up with helpful tips on how to stay healthy in between massages. I recommend Jen to anyone seeking whole-hearted care."

Amy T. - "Jen Prosser is knowlegeable, professional and caring. Her vast experience allows her to tailor each massage to your specific needs. While the massage may feel luxurious, you will soon realize that a massage from Jen is much more. She will become part of your healthcare team. I highly recommend her!"