Rizan Automotive is a Car Buying Company. We buy your car from you, saving you the time and effort required for a Private Party sale or the obligations of a Dealer Trade-In. We will inspect and appraise your car for free, to determine the most accurate market value. Upon completion of the appraisal process and proof of ownership, Rizan Automotive will provide you with a written CASH offer for your car. Rizan Automotive's Cash offer is valid for 5 days from the date of appraisal.

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If you are in the market for a 'new to you' vehicle, do you really know what you are getting? Do you know what to look for to ensure the car is ready to serve you reliably? Rizan Automotive has over 9 years of vehicle purchasing and selling experience in the used car market. We can inspect the vehicle you are interested in purchasing and alert you to suspected problems including (but not limited to):

  • Collision in the vehicle's history. Not all vehicle collisions are reported and visible on Car Fax and other reporting agencies. Does the car have frame damage, which will affect the vehicle's reliability in the long term? We can identify frame damage, replaced panels, reconstructive work, and paint work.
  • Motor age and wear and tear. It helps to know if the motor appears to be in good working order or is in need of repair. Do you know what a 'good' motor should sound like? We do!
  • Transmission issues. Do you know how to spot upcoming issues with a transmission? Typically, these issues can be spotted early and avoided.
  • Assessment of age of hoses and belts. Hoses and belts, when replaced pro-actively, can help you avoid major break-downs and repair. Get an insight into the condition of your prospective vehicle's 'artery' system. We will assess inside the hood for potential leaks and developing issues.

Contact us today to schedule your vehicle inspection, and purchase your next vehicle with confidence! Inspections will be scheduled at your convenience, $40 per inspection due prior to delivery of results.

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